Finding the Best Choices of Teak Wardrobe

Finding the Best Choices of Teak Wardrobe
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Wardrobe becomes alternative item to keep clothes and personal items. Some people think it is not only the furniture, but also the area where you can store anything, mostly clothes and accessories. However, this article will focus on teak wardrobe, as standalone furniture like the big cabinet with shelves, hanging rod, and drawer. It is practical and functional choice if you have limited space.

More about Teak Wardrobe as Furniture

Wood is the most prominent choice for furniture and home decoration. In ancient time, people used wood for the entire building because it’s easy to produce and shape based on any preference and need. That’s also what you see in today era. In spite of metal and more lightweight material, the wood seems to hold its position as the best choice.

What is the best wood for furniture? The answer is varied, but everyone will include teak at the top list. It has high durability with strong compound and unique pattern. With proper carpentry, you will get wood furniture that lasts more than fifty years. Moreover, the old furniture from Eastern hemisphere still looks good due to high quality wood that they use. That’s why you cannot deny teak for the material, including teak wardrobe.

You can get this furniture anywhere depending on where you live. However, the design and quality might not be as you expected. Designers have ideas in their head to turn wardrobe more than functional. Simple design looks like big cabinet with double handler as doors. You can open one door and keep the rest. If you need more access, pull outward both handler then you see spacious area inside teak wood wardrobe. Inside, you can find shelves and hanging rod.

That’s basic design for just functionality. For certain people, simple design is not enough because the wardrobe has to blend with room decoration. To fulfill this ambition, designers create artistic yet practical wardrobe without losing teak touch. It has drawer at top, below, or both section. Small drawer has function to store shoes. To make it more artistic, each wardrobe frame has carved with traditional pattern.

One issue is about the weight because it is heavier than metal. To overcome this situation, manufacturer or carpenter has two options. The wardrobe is assembled at a place where you want to install. Another option is to add additional wheel to move around easily. Any choice you pick does not reduce capability of teak wardrobe. Therefore, you are free to have this furniture at home.

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